Hey Gorgeous,

Thanks for dropping by! Are you a Harper Grey girl? A woman who loves the finer things in life, but maybe can’t always afford them? A Harper Grey girl isn’t the ‘perfect’ size two. Her skin might not always be flawless, but she is real. She has good days and bad days, wears sweats to the supermarket, and orders takeout on rainy nights. A Harper Grey girl is you and me.

I started Harper Grey because I completely believe that you, me, and every one of us can have it all. We can work hard, travel, find love, and look darn good while doing it. Because of that, I’ve been driven to create a space where body size is irrelevant; where you can find the highest quality clothing and accessories on any budget. I want to share my passions with you. I will scour the world wide web to find you the best deals and cutest looks for every budget. Along the way, we may even pick up some valuable lessons that help us to become fulfilled in life, love, health, happiness, and more.

So if your life doesn’t always look like a commercial, but you don’t let that stop you, then you’re the perfect Harper Grey girl.

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